“When You Make Her Come For 5, 10, Even 30 Minutes Straight, How Turned On Will She Get?”

Discover How To Effortlessly
Stack Her Multiple Orgasms With
This ‘Expanded Orgasm’ Technique
That Ignites YOUR Whole Sex Life!”

From: Dr. Patti Taylor
Re: Secret Expanded Orgasm Technique Revealed

      Dear Friend,

      There are some basic facts about life and if you know them, you win…

      How would you like to be the guy who has the hottest, most turned on woman… and the sex life that all your friends envy?

      Or that guy who always has stories about how hot sex is with his wife… yet to you, he seems like any regular schmoe?

      Have you wondered what “that guy” is doing or knows that you don’t?

      Hint: It’s NOT his cocksmanship.

      He knows how to stack his woman’s multiple orgasms so she’s writhing, moaning and totally engorged. He knows the “30-minute orgasm technique.” And it gets him everything he wants in bed.

      In San Francisco, where this 30-minute orgasm practice has taken root, there are some guys who know how to keep a woman in this orgasmic sensation for ten, twenty, thirty minutes, even an hour.

      I’m dead serious.

      And I’ll explain how this works, because it’s not what you think… and because it’s the technique that ensures you all the (really great) sex you want.

      It’s not just for those super orgasmic woman who can have a bunch of multiple o’s all in a row. It’s more… You can learn to give any woman, even women who find it hard to have one orgasm, this amazing experience.

      This technique comes from SF, a hotbed of sexual exploration and innovation.

      It all started in Haight Ashbury in the Summer of Love and gained momentum with the free lovin’ Dead Heads. And then a group of pioneering sex researchers came up with the foundation of what we’re sharing here— and started a group who perfected the practice of giving expanded orgasms. For women.

      Wait a minute! For WOMEN?

      Yeh, it turns out that if you do a really good job giving your woman incredible orgasms, she’s going to get so turned on she’ll want you to do this to her over and over, which gives you a whole bunch more opportunities to play with her erotically in all kinds of new ways.

This Technique Is A Gateway, Man

      In SF, there’s a select community of guys who have learned this technique. And the ones that don’t know it wish they did…

      And their women are thinking about trading them up on a guy who can give them this.

      I will explain exactly what it is in more detail.

      These guys get all the sexiest, hottest women in the city.

      You know that all the women talk about the available men behind their backs, comparing them, right?

      Here’s what they care about: your ability to give them truly great sex.

      Net it out and women today want an accomplished lover. They figure all the other stuff that’s wrong with you they can fix

      It’s true.

      This technique is so popular in SF that women call the guys who don’t know this 30-minute orgasm technique “UNTRAINED!”

      This is how they’re talking about us behind our backs. “Trained” and "Untrained"— either you know how to give them those orgasmic rides they crave, or you don’t.

      Until now, of course. Because I am going to set you up.

      So, if you want to have waaay more sex than you’re getting…

      Are you ready to stop pretending it’s not killing you that you want more passion and pleasure from her?

      Do you hate feeling like a helpless failure in this most important area of your life where begging makes the rejection unbearable?

      Are you ready to discover this pleasurable solution that gives her the romance she craves and the date-night “hot fantasy sex” you need to replace that masturbatory porn?

      Would you like to know how to get out of the sexless marriage rut and slide into a groove of hot sex with your woman so she’s practically begging for you to have sex with her every night?


That’s The Sound Of
‘Sexless-Marriage Wife’
Getting Kicked Out Of Bed By…

Slutty Lingerie-Wearing
Wife Who Wants You To
“DO” Her NOW!

      You need to find out about this sexual technique that can deliver anything you want. One hot woman who adores you…. multiple booty calls that wear out the battery on your phone. The sky is the limit…

      There is ONE technique that can ensure you a life of great sex, intimacy and adoration.

      There is.

      And god knows why it’s so unknown. I guess because people don’t talk that much about the specifics of sex to each other and this one is better seen on video and described in detail in audio.

      And because it’s been pretty isolated to SF and NY, until now, with the Internet, we have the ability to get you up to speed whether you’re in Ulaan Baatar or Wichita.

      So what IS this technique or practice, as we “in-the-know” people like to call it? It goes by many names, which I’ll tell you about.

      It’s easy to learn. Literally, it’s a sexual technique that at its most fundamental begins with a single, special stroke. And it’s SO much more.

      It’s how to make women crave you.

      • It’s your competitive advantage over other guys for any woman’s attention.

      • And if you’re partnered, and you want more sex with her; you want to excite her; you want her to lust for you… you want her to want to have sex with you… a LOT of sex with you, this delivers.

      • It’s a way of meeting a woman in pleasure that rivals the best, most connected, hottest intercourse you’ve ever had, yet is totally different and enhances your repertoire.

      • It’s a practice that allows a woman to be so fulfilled sexually, that it takes lovemaking to a whole new realm – so it actually enhances what you’re already doing.

      • And, if you are open to the “woo woo” stuff – it’s a way to tap into her sexual energy so you are riding her turn-on and getting as much immense pleasure as you are giving her.

      Think I’m full of crap?

      Are you telling yourself it’s your personality and the good you do in the world that she’s seeking? Or that you’re already hot shit in the sack?

      Sure, you’re right. Kinda.

      Those are givens. The basics. Of course you have to be a good guy. And you have probably figured out by now where to stick it. Yeh.

If You Want Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Lure You Into The Bedroom
For Some Screaming Orgasm Sessions…
Or You Want To Be On A Half Dozen
Hotties’ Speed Dials…

      Or if you want the slavish devotion of the woman who can get anyone she wants, then dude, I have some good news/bad news for you.

      If your skills in bed are really, really good – you have your pick of women. Word gets around. BUT, if you don’t know this technique for giving women linked, multiple, amplifying orgasmic bliss, then you won’t get the hottest, sensual, turned on women who really love erotic play. You’ll end up with the woman who doesn’t prioritize her kinesthetic pleasure. How boring is that going to be?

      Let me give you an example.

      There’s this guy who knows “the practice.”

      He’s about 5’ 6" tall. He’s older. Gray-haired and let’s say, not exactly packing abs of steel…

      And he’s had two dates with a six foot tall blond hottie who could walk into ANY room and have her pick of any guy in there who would be dying to have sex with her, because man, she is one turned on woman — you know, the kind of woman who is so hot she knows it, you know it, everyone knows it and she can back it up with action… this blond is totally free, totally hot and wild in bed.

      So back to this old guy and this hot blond.

      She’s had TWO dates with him. And she set them up.

      She came to him.


      So far.

      And she wants more. (And she’ll get it.)

      Because he KNOWS. He knows the practice.

      He gets to put his hands on her gorgeous body and put her into orgasms that go on and on and on and on and she loves it. And adores him.

      She could have her pick of men, and she can’t get thoughts of him out of her mind.

      She wants to go on that ride with him, over and over.

      Or how about another story – this one is true too.

      I just met a woman, who after learning that I was very comfortable talking about sex, shared with me that the best sex of her life came from a guy who knew how to give her amazing orgasms.

      She was in a foursome, having sex, and the OTHER guy, not the one she came with, but the one the OTHER woman came with, got his hands on her and gave her the best orgasms of her life.

      She couldn’t stop talking to me (a willing ear) about how great that moment was for her.

      It happened TWO years ago, and she still clings to the memory with fondness and desire and hope that she can have it again.

      She doesn’t even remember much about the dude she was with. She remembers THAT GUY. The one who gave her the best orgasms of her life.

      He knew the practice.

      And she pines for him to this day.

The Next Step In Your Sexual Mastery

      Are you ready to explode the container of your sexual prowess and hit an all new level of erotic mastery that none but a fortunate few men have ever achieved?

      That’s a brazen claim… and I’m confident that any man who has the desire can become a masterful lover with this technique that will have as many women as you want hanging off you, waiting for their next DO date in breathless anticipation.

      When the sex is this incredible, a woman will get addicted to you.

What’s a DO date?

It’s an orgasmic pleasuring date.

A “deliberate orgasm” or “DO” date where you stroke her clitoris in a certain pattern and in a specific way that puts her into an orgasmic experience unlike anything she’s ever felt before.

And it can go on and on, if you stroke her just like Dr. Patti shows you… getting her wildly turned on and creating the best sex you’ve ever had.

Which Of These Speak To YOU?

  • Do you want a competitive advantage over other men?
  • Or do you want her to lust after you?
  • Or perhaps your woman is a little “shut down” or hard to satisfy?
  • Or you are an erotic master who makes it your life’s work to know every sexual technique out there?
  • Or do you just want to blow her mind?

      Giving a woman this specific kind of extended, massive orgasmic session is the next thing you need to get up to speed on.

Once You’ve Ignited
Her Multi-Orgasmic Nature
With The Tip Of Your Finger…

      Let me introduce you to my “trainer.”

      Dr. Patricia Taylor (Dr. Patti) knows more about orgasms than you, me and all of our collective acquaintances put together. She’s the one that taught me how to do this stroking technique that literally changed my life, not just my sex life, my whole freaking life.

      She’s Dr. Patti. She’s this little tiny redhead, devoted to orgasms… What a life! And she’s fantastic at teaching this technique to us guys. She gets us better than we get ourselves.

      Dr. Patti literally wrote the book (and made the movie) and has run countless workshops and personal coaching sessions for more than 15 years about this expanded orgasm practice.

      She has dissected exactly how to give a woman a 30-minute expanded orgasm to a series of simple instructions for us and she’s created a whole system of “approach” teachings so we can get our woman to let us take her where she’s never been before.

      She’s got the whole thing figured out – mind, body and spirit – important triad when dealing with the fairer sex, right?

      Patti has taught literally tens of thousands of people just like us this new sexual technique that sticks women to you like honey to your fingers.

      Now Patti’s put everything into a system that you can download right to your desktop that will take you, step-by-step, to mastery of this outrageous way to give you woman a thirty minute addictive journey into the most pleasurable sensations the two of you could ever imagine.

      Impatient? Ready for me to shut up?

      You can have it right now when you immediately click the ORDERlink at the top of this page and try out the program for 30 days.

      Read what other men are saying about “Expand Her Orgasm Tonight,” on the Testimonials link, then check out the note from Dr. Patti to learn what you need to know to get your girl to let you DO her.

Possess Deep In Your Bones
The Confident Skills Of A Master Lover

❏ Do you give your partner extended peaks of intensifying pleasure every time you make love?

❏ Can you make her come, over and over and over, each time amplifying deep, body shuddering orgasms that grow stronger and more delicious?

❐ Are you having frustrating or boring sex that is blocking you from realizing your awesome, orgasmic potential that lies within?

❑ Is your girl truly revealing what she really wants you to know about her deepest, innermost desires?

❒ Are you completely confident that you know exactly what you need to do to fully satisfy her?

❏ How would you like to become an irresistible magnet to women?

❐ Would you like to discover how to deeply tap into your true orgasmic nature?

❒ Can you drive your partner wild with your very first touch?

When Your Lover Releases Herself Into A Moaning, Writhing, Panting, Begging, Screaming Juicy Orgasm, Is It The Highlight Of Your Week? Your Month?

      When you give your partner extended peaks of intensifying pleasure every time you make love, it pays back a thousandfold in the pleasure she wants to give to you in return.

      And if you are one of those men who loves to take control of your woman’s sexual experience, who offers her the opportunity to surrender totally to your attention, this will give you even more ability to take control in the bedroom.

      When your lover lets herself completely go and whimpers for more stroking, and arches her pussy up to meet your hands, and cries, "oh yeah, oh yeah, oh baby, yeah, that feels so incredible. Keep doing that until I say “stop.” Promise, yeah, yeah….aghhh!" Over and over and over…

And would you like her sweet parts to be totally engorged and alive so that when she’s literally begging you to enter her, she feels softer and more exciting than ever before?

      With this approach, it doesn’t matter how big your cock is, or how often it gets hard or stays hard, because it’s a manual technique.

      Even if you think you know your way around a woman’s private parts.

      Even if you know enough to teach anatomy.

      Even if you’ve spend countless hours giving her Tantric massages or sensual massages or you are the oral master…

      You will link her orgasms together so that each one intensifies to a higher peak than the last and put her into a “sensation journey” where she’s following her bliss and going into another plane of being…

If you want to take her where no man has ever taken her before— then get to know this simple method that’s totally different than anything you’ve ever done, yet so easy you could do it for hours without effort.

“Only 9% To 33% Of Women Are Capable Of Getting To Orgasm Through Intercourse Alone— That’s A Lot Of Deep Desire Going Unfulfilled”

      Expanded Orgasm helps satisfy that unmet need.

      Are you willing to do your part to change this sad statistic? Me too. I’m committed to rubbing all the pussy I can for the rest of my life to get those numbers up.

      And I’ll tell you what. I can confidently state that there is no program out there like this one from Dr. Patti. Yes, she’s my trainer, but I also chose her not only because she’s devoted her life to this practice, and because she wrote her PhD dissertation on Expanded Orgasm, and because her podcast, Expanded Lovemaking is hot, hot, hot and educational and because her book, Expanded Orgasm is a book I’ve given away countless copies of, but because…

      Dr. Patti has conducted an exhaustive research program, interviewing more than 100 leading experts in the field of orgasm, expanded orgasm, Tantric orgasmic practices, extended massive orgasm, deliberate orgasm, energetic orgasm… the list goes on.

      To this enormous base of information, she has added her own unique (and proven) discoveries and a very practical, very effective way of showing you and your partner exactly how to do experience the bliss you both get when she’s coming for 30 minutes in ecstacy.

      Patti addresses the wide-range of needs of both the giver and receiver — she gets that it’s as important to teach you the technique as it is to show the woman not only what is possible orgasmically, but how to surrender to your touch and how to ride the sensation.

      While most programs focus on a limited number of pleasure-giving strategies, like breathing or G-spot stimulation, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight masterfully combines dozens of strategies, and the needs of both men and women.

      This 21-day program offers you a full package of downloadable content that you can start using tonight.

      And that’s what you will need if you are going to blast your partner through her limits and yours … into full-body, full-being, open-hearted, and fully-engaged Expanded Orgasm —over and over again.

When You Have
This Electrifying Effect
On Women What Happens?

      This practice has a few facets.

      First, you’ll discover the stroking patterns… and you’ll get some effective strategies that help you enroll your woman in the journey.

      There’s a focus on heart, mind and body in the program. That’s why it’s called a 21-Day At-Home Discovery Program.

      It has all you both need to learn how to give and receive Expanded Orgasms.

      Whether you’re motivated to be the king of orgasm to a string of lovely ladies or you desire a longer, more powerful, and more partner-connecting experience than either of you have ever imagined, the program will take you step-by-step through eBook, audio and video content that you can access right now.

      Every woman CAN be multi-orgasmic and what’s better, her climaxes can continue to build and build, getting stronger and more awe inspiring —if you know how to bring her up and stack her orgasms so you don’t blow her out.

      With this Expanded Orgasm practice, you can keep taking her higher and higher because we teach you techniques like, “The Three Opening Strokes,” “Pleasure Peaking,” and “Touch for Rapture,” to name a few.

      This program stimulates your mind through multiple learning modalities, including insightful audio lessons, explicit video tutorials, and detailed photos to show you both exactly what to do!

      Add to all this the Master Sensual Practices Manual, and you have a recipe for rapid learning and a ton of hotness and fun. There are 21 days of erotic “play dates” that easily teach you and your lover exactly what to do to link her multiple orgasms together into a true “expanded orgasm” session.

A Woman’s Orgasmic Energy Builds and Grows Stronger, The More Frequently She Climaxes, So Will You Be The One To Give It To Her?