“Couples That Play Together, Stay Together — Especially In The Bedroom!”
Discover How You And Your Lover Can Have Way More Fun, Sexy Date Nights With This Expanded Orgasm Couples Practice…
This one-of-a-kind sensual couples practice turns flaccid and intimacy-hungry relationships into lush, passionate gardens of sexual adventure and a renewed desire for each other…
Sweet Lover,

What if you could drastically improve your sex life in just three weeks simply by following a carefully laid-out plan…

Where the man lovingly and gently guides the woman higher and higher up her orgasmic ladder, and bringing her to a one-of-a-kind orgasm — and having her stay at that peaking level of pleasure for 5, 10, even 30 minutes of linked, multiple orgasmic ecstasies?

Expanded Orgasm is not just for those super orgasmic women who can have a bunch of multiple O’s all in a row.

It’s for ANY woman. Even those who find it hard to have one orgasm, can have this amazing experience.

And what if you and your lover could engage in 21 fun, sensual “play dates” that will have her writhing and moaning under your capable hands?

Women long for their man to take her on erotic playdates like these.

You’ll be having scheduled sex dates. Scheduled intimate adventures.

But that doesn’t mean scheduled “intercourse.” That means the woman will actually WANT to participate because she doesn’t have to commit to intercourse when she doesn’t feel like it.

However, pretty soon she will most likely feel like wanting more and more.

And before you can think, “My lover isn’t like that…”

Of all the couples I’ve worked with, no matter what their situation, personality, or experience level…

Whether they used to be daring and adventurous, or they’ve always been conservative when it comes to sex…

These 21 Erotic Playdates gently hold your hand and ease you right into the world of sexual adventure.

How fun would it be for you to know how to “touch for rapture” and “set your loverspace,” along with intimate breathing and other stimulating sessions that effortlessly teach you how to find exactly her right spot to hold her in bliss?


When you do a really good job giving your woman incredible orgasms, she’s going to get so turned on she’ll want you to do this to her over and over, which gives you boundless opportunities to play with her erotically in all kinds of new ways.

Imagine driving your partner WILD with your very first touch…

Imagine making her come so many times she’s a breathless puddle of satiated beauty…

And ladies…

Imagine your lover finally understanding what YOU need to get interested, aroused, and intimate… to understand what it truly takes to take you to the highest peaks of orgasmic pleasure.

This Is How Your Sex Life Could Be
One intimate sex date after another — even after years of being together or even after having children…

He’s excited to come home to her each day because she can’t wait to give him a warm hug, a wet, sloppy kiss, and whisper into his ears some sweet, wonderful nothings…

She’s ready to surrender to him and his desires whenever they get intimate (and that’s almost every time they’re together — even in public…)

And you both feel safe and secure enough in each others arms to feel vulnerable and unleash their deepest, most erotic desires in the bedroom.

Are you ready for me to thoroughly brief you on the concept of Expanded Orgasm now? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Who Am I To Say This?
Hi, my name is Dr. Patti Taylor.

And I may be just the person to help you bring back the passion and intimacy in your sex life.

I’ve personally worked with hundreds of couples privately and in my workshops solve that same problem for decades. During this time, I’ve discovered…

When you stop learning new things for your intimate life, your relationship gets less and less exciting… until it gets BORING.

She stops showing intimacy and affection. And he in turn no longer seeks sex from her. That’s where the bad stuff starts.

However, you can reverse it. Even if this has been going on for a long time. Even if you think it’s gone too far off the rails to get back on the right track.

When you start learning NEW ways to show intimacy and passion in your relationship, you get back to being beginners. Your relationship FEELS NEW again. Suddenly the excitement comes back.
What would it feel like to know you had a simple plan put in place that added more passion, energy, and predictability to your relationship?

Even after years of being together… even after having kids running around (or all grown up and gone off on their own…) even after years of having no sexual intimacy…

What if you could look forward all day, with total certainty, to exploring your hidden orgasmic power as sensual partners, even as first-time lovers… creating deeper and longer-lasting pleasure with your partner?

I’d like you to imagine how it would feel to no longer wonder…

“Do you think she’ll want to do it, tonight?”

“Do you think he’s thinking about me all day?”


How different would your life be if you suddenly felt more masculine, more powerful, because you aren’t walking around with that core disappointment from never getting enough sex tainting everything you do?

And ladies…

How would you love to finally be able to trust your lover completely, and have the confidence to surrender to him fully during sweet and sensual lovemaking, letting him guide you to the highest peaks of orgasmic pleasure a woman can ever experience?

Whether you’re a man or a woman (or anywhere in the gender spectrum,) you know there’s always room for improvement when it comes to relationships, intimacy, and sexuality.


I’d like you to imagine how it would feel if you knew you were the one having better sex than any of your friends… epic sex that seemed limitless in it’s potential to bring you both pleasure?

Sex that kept getting better, and better, and better… for you and your partner.

And I’d also like you to imagine being able to open your partner, and reveal, in the privacy you two share, both of your burning turn-ons, your lusty fantasies, your inner nympho, your unquenchable desire for each other.

The truth is, there are plenty of places you can find information about sex. But this closely guarded sensual lovemaking technique is way beyond whatever you can find anywhere.

Until NOW, when I can finally bring YOU, via the Internet, what I’ve been privately empowering select couples who can afford the time and money in small workshops for nearly 20 years.

Teaches Your Body to Have
Orgasms at The Lightest of Touch
Have more expanded pleasure with this 30-minute orgasm technique. Watch this video by Susan Bratton, “Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions.”

Susan and her husband have had an Expanded Orgasm practice for going on 15 years.

This practice helped Susan finally have orgasms from intercourse… Expanded Orgasms saved her marriage!

Great for couples with health issues, great for women who struggle to orgasm and simply stupendous for any couples who want to experience ecstatic pleasure states.

With Love,
Dr. Patti

Watch Susan’s Story Of Her 15-Year
Expanded Orgasm Practice Now