“Yes! Yes! Yes!”
That’s The Sound Of
Your Woman
Coming Over And Over
Because You Know
The Expanded Orgasm Stroke Techniques
To Give Her 30 Minute Orgasms
Ready To Add The 30-Minute
Expanded Orgasm Stroke
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Dr. Patti’s Expand Her Orgasm Tonight product downloads right to your computer. It consists of a main book, a “Master Practices Guide” with 21 sizzling nights of erotic experiences and fun practices that give you hands-on learning with your partner.

And you get tasteful audio and video tutorials that show you exactly what to do, just like if you were in a personal workshop with Dr. Patti.
Dramatically Enhance Your Relationship,
Your Intimate Connection, And Your Entire LIFE.
Ebook The Expanded Orgasm 21-Day At-Home Discovery Program.

The core of the program is organized into three cycles that ensure you learn the information from three very potent perspectives: body, energy, and awareness. It’s powerfully structured to fully engage you – and your partner’s – whole being.
Video An Entire ‘DO Date’ – From Start To Finish – in Explicity Detailed Video

Dr. Patti guides Robert and Camilla through an entire DO date while you watch both camera angles up close. His hands are on her genitals, showing you every stroke, every technique for a complete DO date where she goes into multiple, stacking, expanded orgasms for over 30 minutes.
Video Segments Include:
  • Overview
  • Getting Her In Her Body
  • Engorgement
  • The Three Opening Strokes
  • Continuity and The Stroke
  • Adding In Your Second Hand
  • Peaking For Pleasure
  • Penetration With Your Second Hand
  • Variety
  • Stroking and Adding The “Anie”
  • Bringing Her Down – Ending The Date
  • Bonus: Staying On Her Favorite Spot
Manual Master Expanded Orgasm Practices.

Crafted to get the master lover’s skills “into your bones.” Experience these playful lab sessions, to be transformed as a lover forever!
Video Dr. Patti’s Expanded Orgasm “Fireside Chats.”

Video The Master Stroke Video With Explicit Fingering Technique Close Up Yoni Photos and Voice Over With Daka Raj

Daka Raj tells you, step-by-step, exactly where to touch and how with his own personal, detailed explanation of how he does his women.
Essentials of the “Three Opening Strokes.”

Smoothly launch both of you into your Expanded Orgasmic journey, and the exact technique to locate — and stay on — her “favorite spot.”
8 Audio Lessons — in mp3 format — Illustrate and Expand on the eBook.
I will share the techniques for your Expanded Orgasm
practice—illustrated with stories and revelations.
Audio Lesson 1 Expanded Orgasm—What Makes It So Wonderfully Special?

Audio Lesson 2 Dr. Patti’s Journey into Expanded Orgasm…

I reveal how I learned to replicate this profound pleasure and identify exactly what it takes to teach you to catapult into orgasmic mastery!
Audio Lesson 3 What You Can Expect From The EHOT Program

The quickest path for both men AND women to ecstatic pleasurable orgasmic connection, why I focus on learning by manual orgasmic stimulation, and how to recognize and surmount challenges.
Audio Lesson 4 Amazing Tips for Men

This is for the guys (but ladies love it too!)…. Learn what the techniques and experiences are like for men… how he can boost his competence and confidence… and truly gratify a woman.
Audio Lesson 5 – 8 Guided Sensual Meditations

Guided Sensual Meditations get you started having amazing dates.
“Stacked, Multiple, Ever-Expanding
Orgasmic Pleasure – Becuse Your
Woman Is Multi-Orgasmic”

I’m so confident about my knowledge, the strength of the passionate exercises, the sheer quality of the content and the ability for Expand Her Orgasm Tonight to convey to you all the tricks and techniques that will make you a super-star lover that it’s easy to offer you the ability to keep all the 8 Powerful Audio Lessons, with my compliments, even if you decide to return the program.

If you and your lover don’t get a whole host of benefits from this, just let me know within 30 days, and of course I’ll give you a full refund.

Can it get any better? Of course it can… But it won’t.

As a matter of fact, I’m already being pressured to convert this system into a membership program where I’d deliver the content out over time. Act now and you can get it all immediately,. Go ahead, gorge yourself on this advanced sexual mastery technique that any woman would beg to have you do to her.

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There’s More?
Yes, way more! You get everything you need.

All the facts, all your questions answered, and all the tools you need to make learning this profound material fun and invigorating.
Ebook Expanded Orgasm Revealed

What makes Expanded Orgasm unique, comparisons with other types of orgasms, a guide to sources of orgasmic charge, and much more.
Video Creating the Space for Maximum Pleasure

Learn the secrets to creating the perfect environment for connection and orgasmic pleasure!
Frequently Asked Questions

For a ‘not so common’ question, a slightly challenging issue, or to learn a little more.
For The First Time Ever, Dr. Patti Has
Created An Easy, Fun System That Will
Show YOU This Expanded
Orgasm Technique At Home
And, Sixteen Super Bonus Items
Because Dr. Patti Is A Teaching Machine
Ebooks that give you the keys to Expanded Orgasmic bliss:
  • 7 Questions to Get What You Want in Bed
  • Just for Women
  • Just for Men
  • Dr. Patti’s Favorite Center-lines
Amazing interviews that share the secrets of giving and receiving…
  • How Men Can Become Great Orgasmic Providers through Taontric Massage
  • Dr. Patti on the Secrets of Self-Loving and Orgasmic Opening
And, how to send your lover into ecstasy and over higher and higher edges!
  • The Art of Doing a Woman
  • The Art of Taking a Woman Over the Edge
Bonus Ebook 1 “Just for Men”

The keys to getting her hot for you. An “operating manual for succeeding with your lady,” and taking her — and you — to those wonderful erotic places!
Bonus Ebook 2 “Just for Women”

Secrets of showing your man how to eagerly give you your loving heart’s desires

In the astonishing “Dr. Patti’s Favorite Center-lines” learn phrases possessing an almost magical ability to keep orgasmic momentum through common sticking points.
Bonus 4 “7 Questions to Get What You Want in Bed”

Ask for what you want and GET IT!
Bonus 5 “How Men Can Become Great Orgasmic Providers Through Taontric Massage”

Dr. Patti interviews Richard Anton Diaz, Founder of Sexy Spirits.
Bonus 6 “Dr. Patti on Secrets of Self-Loving and Orgasmic Opening”

Expanded Orgasm and sexual energy through self-loving (masturbation).
Bonus 7 “The Art of Doing a Woman”

Interview with Dr. Patti on the art of giving a woman sexual pleasure, and taking her into heights of prolonged sexual ecstasy.
Bonus 8 “The Art of Taking a Woman Over the Edge”

Interview with Dr. Patti sharing secrets to taking a woman to edge after orgasmic edge.
You Get All This Immediately:
At-Home Step-By-Step Discovery Program

10 Step-By-Step Explicitly Detailed Stroke Lessons

Sensual Practices Manual

Four Detailed Videos

Expanded Orgasm Revealed

4 Exclusive Bonus Ebooks

Deep FAQ, and More…

Eight Powerful Audio Lessons

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