“The Experts Agree
Dr. Patti Is A True Master
Her Customers Adore Her”


I SO love who you are and so appreciate how you are so giving in your sharing of knowledge and sharing of the love you exude.

FYI, Bob and I ‘implemented’ right away last night and…OMG! Was it ever AMAZING! Holy cow, who knew something so simple could be so profound, mind-blowing and body-exploding? Lol!

And how great that Bob ate it up and loved it too. He didn’t just do it to make me happy, he TRULY loved and enjoyed it.

Thank you for such a hot secret and taking such deep time to demonstrate and explain it for us – your videos made such a difference!

Meanwhile, sending much love and gratitude and very grateful for YOU,


I Think She Could Have Kept Going As Long As She Wanted…
“Sharon and I are working on the program now (and we love it!). Note that it has made a difference already, and we’re only into the second “book”! We’ve BOTH learned to communicate better and to pay attention to each other’s small signals, and she has already benefited from the “extended” part – I think she could have kept going as long as she wanted one night not too long ago! It works, man – it really works!”~ John L., NY

Thank you for expanding our horizons.


I Can’t Wait To Please My Goddess”
“I thank u kindly for learning on how to please my Goddess at home. I can’t wait to try what I’ve learn’t so far.
— Rashaad

“Experience This Program Together”

“I was pleasantly surprised with my wife’s acceptance and open mind to experience this program together.”

Thanks — Tim

Our Sexual Mentor

“My husband and I literally founded Personal Life Media and began publishing Dr. Patti’s EHOT program because of the profound change in not just our sex lives, but our whole lives, that came directly from learning how to have expanded orgasms. To this day, Dr. Patti is our sexual mentor, and keeps taking us into new levels of erotic possibility.”~ Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media, Inc.

A Trailblazer and an Astronaut!

“Dr. Patti is a one-of-a-kind, a trailblazer, in an area which is as poorly understood as parts of the ancient world. She is an expert guide and the real deal, investigating the interplay of sexuality and the human heart and spirit. Lead on!”~ Bill Lamond,
Founding Member, Personal Coaching Profession

“Dr. Patti is an astronaut amongst traditional sexual researchers – an avid researcher of sexuality and the orgasmic journey, who lives it authentically, in her own life. She has been the inspiration for my own work, and a beacon of practical wisdom!”~ Shama, CHt, CDC, TDE,
Founder of The Pleasure Paradigm

What Dr. Patti Wants You To Know
For Your Next Erotic Date
Hi Soon-To-Be “Master Sexual Genius,”

My favorite thing in the world is to empower YOU to learn to take your woman on erotic adventures so delicious, she can’t get enough of you.

I want her Yoni to get turned-on at the mention of your name.

I want her to feel completely safe in your arms, willing to let it all go and reach for her turn-on.

You are about to vault into a whole new level of sexual mastery and profound pleasure with your partner.

I give you deeply detailed information about exactly how seduction works for women, both biologically and psychologically.

When I see loving relationships created or renewed, when I see the lushness of deeply-satisfied women and their thrilled and gratified men, I know I’m contributing something wonderful to the world. And to be honest, I’m helping create a world that I want to live in.
It’s so rewarding for me to fuse the vast and wonderful body of ancient wisdom with the cutting edge of neuro-science—and to see the results. I love empowering people to make better love.

And giving a woman the kind of erotic attention I’m about to teach you, will pay off for you in ways you never imagined, in all parts of your relationship.

This is the best investment in your personal life you may ever make.

Whatever your stage of lovemaking experience and expertise, this series gives you what you need now — and, what you’ll need to advance to the next level.

I love teaching men and woman how to give and receive orgasmic pleasure. You’ll be thrilled to learn that this step-by-step program is carefully crafted so that all you have to do is follow the simple plan. It’s that easy!

Maybe you’re pretty sexually experienced?

Are you ready to break way out of the box you’ve been in, and take her to new domains of delirious delight?

I’ll show you how to enjoy a whole new level of erotic mastery.

Or perhaps you’re at such a level of erotic expertise that you wonder if you should still be reading this?

  • You’re a man whose woman gets weak at the knees at the mere anticipation of a date with you
  • You already know how to reach into her soul and take her on an erotic journey across the solar system

That’s perfect…because you’re the kind of person that seeks expert advice and wants the leading edge technology that I deliver.

The true expert yearns to exploit the last ounce of technique.

“The rich get richer” and sexual experts know there’s always a lot more.
What if you are single?

Learning this material will prepare your mind and body to attract partners who desire an orgasmically juicy relationship. By learning these keys to seduction, you’ll learn what it takes to attract and arouse a truly spectacular woman.

My sex life continues to explode with ever-expanding love, unlimited joy, sensational pleasure, deep intimacy and orgasmic ecstasy. I know my teachings—which have worked for thousands —can work for you! I have made the so many “regular guys” the kind for whom women line up to get taken into ecstasy. You can be one of them too.

You are curious now, right?

Then Let’s Get Started!

Sexual Magic and a True Master

Our Sexual Mentor
“Dr. Patricia Taylor performs sexual magic, transforming the seemingly difficult into the easily-doable. She guides you lovingly from the simple to the profound.”~ Charla Hathaway,
Founder, Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School

“Having been under the training of 2 masters in the Chinese tradition of Tai Chi and Sexual Energy Cultivation, I knew instantly that Dr. Patti was no less a true master herself. I regard her work in sexuality as a true path for spiritual freedom and enlightenment.”~ Richard Anton Diaz,
Founder, Sexy Spirits, New York City

“It took a while to talk my wife into letting me DO her. The exercises in the workbook were exactly the right pacing to get her to open up over a series of weeks until we were full on stroking her into 5, then 10 then 20 minutes of incredible orgasms. She’s so turned on after I DO her now that the sex is better than ever. The sex is unbelievable now. You gotta learn this!”~ John, Boise, ID

“I really appreciate your teachings which have totally transformed my sex life. The sex is really sweet now.”~ Kamukono, Zimbabwe


Patti, you may be wondering why all the “thank you”s.

Well I’m gonna tell you. Through your incredible, awesome, coming from experience and consciousness teachings, you have helped me to become more of the lover and partner I have wanted to become!

I feel it inside of me.

And my girlfriend/partner is the external manifestation of it. She is 63. She did not have many orgasms in her marriage, or in the relationships post marriage.

She even told me “I’m asleep down there.”

Well, using and practicing so much of your teachings inside of myself, and externally with her, she now has runs of 3-4-5 orgasms, one right after another. She calls me “The Magician.” This has made us so much closer. I have told her about you and your teachings and she now wants to study and learn about them herself. I think we are ready to put into practice Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.

And as another example of how turned on she is getting, she is beginning to have orgasms while I’m still massaging and engorging her vaginal lips!

So girl, you have done very good! I know I am only one of the many who you have helped enhance their life. For this one, I want to say again, “Thank You.”


“We Are Enjoying Each Other More Than We Used To.”

Hi Patti,

We recently bought your EHOT program and are working through it. While we’ve been happily married for 25 years, thanks for all the great info. We are learning a lot and enjoying eachother even more than we used to, which is saying a lot!

Take care,


“This is what a woman’s pleasure looks like!”

“This is great, Patti! Your use of the English Sexual Vocabulary really showed up for me, when I read this. This is the first time I ever received such a clear description on giving a woman pleasure. And what that pleasure looks like! Thank You for you definitions and descriptions.”

Vicky C

“Gives Me The Power To Please Her”

“Patti, this information gives me the power to please her. I’m always up for that kind of information.

— Terry

“I am amazed at how much is involved with just touching!”

Hi Dr. Patti,

I think your articles and emails are spot on for busy stressed out people like my wife and I. I have your Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program and I am amazed at how much is involved with just touching! Thank you and keep the emails coming!

Best Regards,

Dr. Patti’s book “Expanded Orgasm” really took our sex life to a higher level. Thanks so much!

— Dirk Wright